How to make your reports stand out from the crowd by adding a favicon

How to make your reports stand out from the crowd by adding a favicon

Kate Wells

This month I’ve done a number of demos and it came to light that a few of you didn’t know what a favicon was. This was another new feature that we introduced in the August 2018 updates and it’s a great way to help your company stand out from the crowd. Adding a favicon to your reports will make them more visually appealing and reinforce your branding.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is an icon associated with a particular website. It’s sometimes just the first letter of the company’s name or an image. Favicons are used for a number of purposes and are becoming an increasingly important part of a company’s branding.

So let’s take an example of a well known logo such as Google.

The Google favicon looks like this:

What if you don’t have a favicon?

If you don’t have a company favicon, you could take a snapshot of part of your logo to create your own or use a generic image that represents your company by using the Windows snipping tool. If you’re not already aware of this, this is a useful tool that’s included as standard within Windows. It allows you to take a snapshot of anything on your screen and either copy and paste it into a document, or turn it into an an image for uploading into an online app like Genovo.

For example, imagine this was your company’s logo – Halloween theme of course!


And then using the Windows snipping tool you have created your own favicon.

How to upload your favicon

It’s really quick and easy for Account Owners and Account Admins to upload their company’s favicon.

1. From the dashboard go to customisation > upload favicon.
2. Click choose file, select the image file and then click upload.

Having uploaded the favicon, it will be automatically resized and inserted in the top right hand corner of all the reports that you, and your users, download from Genovo.

I hope this user tip will encourage you to get creative and have a go at uploading your own favicon – I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas you come up with!

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve recently introduced a new support desk. You can now submit a support ticket, via the dashboard of the Genovo app, by sending an email to [email protected] or via the Smart Support hub on the Genovo website . Please do use the support desk to submit all your support requests and feature suggestions moving forward as this will ensure that your query is always dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Happy customising!

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Written by Kate Wells

Kate loves to help people, and has made it her mission to ensure that all of our customers have the best possible experience whilst using Genovo. She is a perfectionist, in part driven by her passion for sport. She is a keen cyclist and long distance runner, and was a member of the Team GB 2012 Olympic swimming squad. Kate is never afraid of a new adventure. In 2012 she made it through to the last 17 of The Apprentice, and although Kate is still slightly disappointed she narrowly missed out on the TV rounds at the last hurdle, we certainly believe that Sir Alan’s loss has been our gain!

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