Download Your Free Suitability Report Template

Download your free suitability report template

Do your clients find your suitability reports easy to understand and engaging? If you suspect the answer is no, you may wish to consider whether your reports:

suitability report template
  • Use clear and plain language.
  • Have a logical structure that is easy to follow.
  • Are concise and cut out waffle.
  • Avoid bulky generic paragraphs.
  • Are personalised to the client.
  • Contain the bare minimum of jargon.
  • Include an executive summary & glossary of terms.
  • Use space, tables, images, accent colours and different formatting styles to break up the text and make the report more visually appealing and engaging.

Following these basic principles will not only make your suitability reports significantly more reader-friendly, but also reinforce your professionalism, enhance your company’s brand, reduce the likelihood of future complaints and ensure you fulfil the regulator’s expectations of you.

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This suitability report template also highlights some of the FCA’s key expectations for the content of a typical investment suitability report.

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