Download our example suitability report and discover how you can make your reports even more reader-friendly and engaging.

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A fresh approach to suitability report generation

Providing the perfect balance of personalised user input and time-saving automation.

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Time Saving

Integrations with leading back-office software and dynamically generated client-specific content allow highly personalised reports to be created efficiently and compliantly.

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Automatic Updates

Kept bang up-to-date with taxation, legislation and FCA best practice.

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Highly Customisable

Change the look and feel of the user interface, and personalise your workspace and report template to reflect your company’s branding and advice service.

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Leading Edge


High Level

Comprehensive Solution

Write suitability reports or MiFID II-friendly review reports for private, corporate and trustee clients covering an extensive range of financial products and advice scenarios.

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  • Investment advice
  • Pension advice
  • DB pension advice
  • Pension switching
  • Pension benefits
  • Individual protection
  • Business protection
  • Group protection
  • IHT & trust planning
  • Mortgage advice
  • Equity release
  • Long term care
  • Annual reviews

Reader Friendly

Improve your client experience and enhance your company’s brand by providing your clients with a more reader-friendly and engaging suitability report.

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Visually appealing and engaging
  • Layered report format
  • Glossary of terms
  • Less repetition

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Report Template Library

Pre-loaded with a range of pre-configured report templates to use as the starting pointing for creating your own reports. You can also create your own templates and share them with the team.

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  • Investment recommendation
  • Pension switching
  • DB pension transfer
  • DB abridged advice
  • Drawing pension benefits
  • Mortgage and protection
  • Group protection
  • Equity release
  • MiFID II-friendly review report
  • Continued suitability report
  • Top-up report
  • Fund switch report

Truly Scalable

Designed for companies of all sizes from individual advisers and paraplanners, to multi-adviser companies, and multi-company groups. Custom content can be centrally managed and shared with the team ensuring greater consistency, and saving everyone having to ‘reinvent the wheel'.

  • Company Plan
  • Group Plan
  • Manage your users
  • Reader & Writer Users

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Investment Library

Save and manage information about the investments that you frequently recommend to your clients, whether this be a full-blown CIP or your favourite funds, within a simple library so you and your users can easily pull this information into your reports with a couple of clicks.

  • Designed to cater for all investment types
  • Preloaded with example investments to use as a template
  • Add your Centralised Investment Proposition
  • Clone & share investments
  • Bulk investment importer

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Provider Library

A centrally managed library of over 80 popular insurance companies, investment houses, platforms and wraps means you can pull up-to-date provider information into your reports with a single click.

  • Preloaded providers
  • Centrally managed
  • Add your own custom providers
  • Hide providers you don't use

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Leading Edge Technology

Custom-built technology, built from the ground-up using our pioneering Merlin DocGen platform.

  • Web-based application
  • Microsoft partner
  • Cross browser support
  • Accessible from multiple devices

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Integrations with leading back-office and financial planning software further speeds up the report building process and removes the need to re-key data.

  • Intelliflo Office
  • Xplan
  • Curo
  • Dynamic Planner
  • Other integrations

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High Level Security

We take the protection of our clients' data extremely seriously.

  • ISO27001 accredited
  • "A" rated encryption
  • Fully encrypted database
  • GDPR ready

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Covers over 100 products, 5 report types and 3 different client types.

Use of tables, images, accent colours and different formatting styles makes the report more visually appealing.

Removes the repetitive aspects of the report writing process without compromising personalisation.

Designed to adapt to the changing needs of your company.

Caters for funds, ETFs, model portfolios and DFMs amongst others.

Insert provider information into your reports with a single click.

Powered by the latest web technologies.

Pull client and plan data into your reports with a couple of clicks.

Bank level security and data protection.

Genovo is packed full of features designed to save you time, keep you compliant and make you stand out from the crowd.

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But don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

Mike Malkiewicz
Both my clients (and their compliance consultants) never fail to be impressed by the structure and content of reports I have prepared using Genovo. For me, it is a joy to use. Importantly, Genovo is a company who listens to their customers comments and acts on them. It is an impressive system managed by a company which takes their customers seriously."

Mike Malkiewicz
Clear Paraplanning

Andrew FitzMaurice
Having made the switch to Genovo, the difference is nothing short of a revelation. Compared with the two rival systems we had been using over recent years, Genovo is clear, straightforward and quick to learn, with an infinite ability to customise not only how your reports look in terms of colours, fonts and headings etc, but importantly adding and changing standard wordings is equally simple. With a little bit of time spent setting up our preferred options and wordings, we are now very nearly in a position that once downloaded to Word our reports are almost complete. Support has also been excellent and further sets them apart from the competition."

Andrew FitzMaurice
Kelsall Steele

Sue Groves Newell Palmer
We have worked with Genovo for several years and their system has allowed us to build efficient processes for our paraplanning team. The consistency of output is the biggest plus for us, helping us to manage the output from multiple offices, together with the reassurance of the compliance oversight. Recently we have taken advantage of Genovo’s consultancy service and we have found them pleasant and easy to deal with, understanding and working to our requirements, but challenging where they needed to, to give us a better overall result."

Sue Groves
Operations Manager
Newell Palmer