Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

I can personally say from my own experiences by case 3 or 4 it suddenly clicked into place, and I am getting the big pension transfer, isa transfer fund switch cases done in an hour or so now which before were taking ages.

We have now started to add new stuff into Genovo following case feedback to make the process of creating reports even quicker.”

Jack Shipley
Lead Paraplanner

I recently started using Genovo to write my reports and asked my clients for their honest feedback; I don’t think I’ve ever had such high praise for a Suitability Report in the 20+ years I’ve been doing this job! In short – they were very impressed, as was my compliance consultant!”

Rebecca Byrne B.A.(Hons); DipPFS; CertCII(MP)
Independent Financial Planner

We have found Genovo very easy to adapt to. We had a new person start in our admin team and he has been able to write simple reports for us almost immediately. It took a few weeks of getting our own things into the system but we are now in a position that we can write most types of letter, even DB transfer letters can be done quickly and compliantly. We had some help from Kate when we got stuck but she had us sorted in no time. We were a bit sceptical at first but now I see this as a piece of software that is helping us not only get a standard process in place but is ultimately a time-saver in writing reports. The cost is easily paid for in speeding up your processes.”

David Jones
Bankhall Member

Having made the switch to Genovo, the difference is nothing short of a revelation and wish we had made the change years ago. Compared with the two rival systems we had been using over recent years, neither of these were very intuitive to use, nor were our advisers very keen on the output, content, or length of the reports. One of them was also almost impossible to edit once in Word. In comparison to these, Genovo is clear, straightforward and quick to learn, with an infinite ability to customise not only how your reports look in terms of colours, fonts and headings etc, but importantly adding and changing standard wordings is equally simple. With a little bit of time spent setting up our preferred options and wordings, we are now very nearly in a position that once downloaded to Word our reports are almost complete. This is not something either of the previous systems could manage as the Word documents became just another starting point. Support has also been excellent and further sets them apart from the competition.”

Andrew FitzMaurice
Paradigm Partners founding IFA firm

A few months after becoming directly authorised from a network and a merger of two firms, we quickly realised that suitability report writing was inconsistent and varied with each adviser. It was a mixture of copy and paste templates from the network days which were slow to create and often had pasting errors. After trialling a few suitability report writers, we didn’t think we were going to find a solution that would cater for the tech savvy and the tech illiterate. The later giving us the most concern. We then gave Genovo a go and asked each adviser to do report on it. They all came back and said how easy it was to use and how much time they saved. They needed very little training as it was so intuitive to use. The reports were easily configured for our branding and are visually impressive and consistent. Genovo not only achieved all our objectives for a suitability writer. It exceeded them.”

David Drane
Bankhall Member

As a long term member of Paradigm we wanted access to a report writing tool that could be used by both paraplanners and advisers. We have found the system provided by Paradigm to be very time intensive and increasingly inflexible with very heavy editing necessary. Genovo has greatly streamlined our report writing. Genovo have been very helpful, offering assistance at every turn whether requested or not. The support offered during our trial and also from an ongoing service perspective has been first class. I would recommend that others look at Genovo as you will save your advisers and paraplanners a lot of time and the end output is far more client pleasing.”

John Davies
Managing Director
Paradigm Member

We are constantly looking to improve the service we deliver for clients while delivering uniformity across our growing Financial Advice business. Genovo gives us the ability to deliver professional and uniform suitability reports that are too complex for our own automation. We are able to deliver high quality reports while minimising the time it takes to complete them. The support has been great, and the support team have always been there to support us as we start to use the system more and need to train our staff.”

James Richardson
Head of Client Proposition

I have been using Genovo for DB transfer suitability reports for nearly two years and have found it extremely helpful to the business. It’s easy to use and customise and it produces reports that I can rely on to be compliant. The support team are very efficient and knowledgeable – calls are always answered promptly and it’s rare that an issue cannot be resolved there and then.”

Tony Hopwood
Senior Pensions Administrator
Simply Biz member

I signed up to Genovo a couple of years ago and have found it to be extremely easy to use! You can produce highly professional suitability reports specifically tailored to a client’s circumstances remarkably quickly. The system is extremely intuitive. I would recommend this software to any IFA/Financial Planner looking to simplify the process of producing highly professional and compliant suitability reports.”

Philip Edward
True Potential member

We started using Genovo nearly 2 years ago. I can say without doubt that the system has significantly improved our reports in terms of readability. It has also saved us a huge amount of time. One of the best things about the system is our ability to adapt and amend the reports to our own style. We use Genovo in different ways – from constructing full reports to creating an outline on which we can build. The support offered by Ed, Kate and the team there has been fantastic. They are always improving the system and reports, and are great at keeping the content of the reports up to date and compliant.”

Matthew Jordan
Head of paraplanning

Having used Genovo for just over 6 months my team have been very impressed by the outputs and how easy it is to use. All reports are outputted in the same consistent format – fonts, paragraph headings etc. Before using Genovo, reports sent out from our advisers were all different so Genovo has contributed to the brand image of our firm. The report writing tool itself is excellent, prompting the report writer to consider and document the disadvantages as well as the advantages of any recommendation. Cost comparisons are easily summarised in a table format, and the report itself is split into several sections for ease of reading. As a SimplyBiz member, I have checked the report against the SimplyBiz compliance standards and Genovo provides a compliant report output. The team at Genovo are also very helpful in personalising content and adding further compliance text in order to fulfil Compliance standards. In summary, I would recommend Genovo to anyone looking for a FCA compliant report in the most simplest way possible.”

Jeremy Phelps
Chartered Financial Planner
Simply Biz Member

We have been very impressed with the team at Genovo as even in our offshore location (Jersey) they grasped our needs and any modifications required to add new products were implemented very quickly. Its great to come across a team who are open minded and responsive. Thank you.”

Paul Hamer
Director & Chartered Wealth Manager

We approached Genovo as we were looking for a report writing tool that could be used by both paraplanners and advisers. After looking at a sample of solutions, we engaged with Genovo because it provided the efficiency and functionality we were looking for. Genovo have been extremely helpful, not only during our implementation phase but also with ongoing support and development.”

Daniel Lock
Senior Paraplanner

We started using Genovo in April last year as we required consistency across all our suitability reports. The advisers have found the suitability reports easy to produce and the output is a very professional looking report white labelled with our logo. We have appreciated the swiftness of the system being updated to reflect all regulatory and legislative changes. The staff at Genovo have also been very helpful from the beginning and have worked with us to make the changes we requested at all times. I would recommend Genovo to any advisory firm.”

Theresa Atal
Compliance Director

Genovo has revolutionised our business, not only are we able to ensure that suitability reports are consistent in content and style across the firm, we can improve our compliance oversight by using this tool. From simple to complex reports covering multiple areas of advice Genovo is saving us time and giving us peace of mind.”

Edward Perry
Independent Financial Adviser
Simply Biz Member

I have found the Genovo software to be invaluable in being able to construct a professional looking report. The system is easy to work with and navigate through and has allowed me to personalise each letter for every client while meeting my compliance duties. The system has allowed me to be more efficient with my time.”

Neil Jacobs
Tavistock Member

We used to dread writing reports – let’s be honest, who doesn’t? But Genovo’s package makes life so much easier. Our reports are more readable, compliant and easier to produce than ever before! Thankfully 40 page reports are a thing of the past.”

Gary Phillips APFS, CFP
Chartered and Certified Financial Planner
Simply Biz Member

We love this report writer, as do all of the advisers we use it for. It reduces the time spent on writing reports and the guys behind the scenes are helpful at all times. The “techy” bits are always up to date and I know I can rely on them to have the right information for the right products. Definitely an A* product that helps me in my role immensely!”

Samantha Yaffe
Panacea Adviser’s Outsourced Paraplanner of the Year 2015

We chose Genovo because it was easy to use without extensive training, and was easily customised to suit our approach and brand. It makes our lives much easier and we anticipate that the system will reduce the time spent on suitability reports considerably.”

Andrew Moore

Just to let you know Ed, I now write all of our reports. The change from using Simplybiz templates to Genovo has led to us being able to produce reports in a much more timely fashion, which are well written, compliant and something that we are proud to send out to our clients. Well done to you and your team for designing such a great product.”

Dr Donna Wellington
Simply Biz Member