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A fully featured and scalable report writing solution designed to reflect the needs of your company.

Company Starter

2 Writer Users

4 Reader Users

£115 pm

Extra Writer User £35pm

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  • All previous plan features plus:
  • Share clients & reports
  • Centrally manage report content
  • Centrally manage and share library content
  • Centrally manage and share report templates


5 Writer Users

10 Reader Users

£170 pm

Extra Writer User £30pm

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10 Writer Users

20 Reader Users

£290 pm

Extra Writer User £25pm

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20 Writer Users

40 Reader Users

£500 pm

Extra Writer User £20pm

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5 Admin



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  • All previous plan features plus:
  • Link multiple accounts
  • Parent / child hierarchy
  • Add group’s branding
  • Apply company branding to reports
  • Cascade down custom content / sections to linked accounts
  • Mandate content

* An additional customisation feature that cannot be achieved via the standard customisation suite but can be implemented for you by Genovo. This is likely to incur an additional one-off charge. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Feature bolt-ons

If you are signed up to a plan that does not include the following features as standard, you can add them as a bolt-on to your subscription.

Feature Benefit Monthly cost
Report title page image Make your reports even more visually appealing by adding a background image to the title page of your reports and give them a more magazine-like feel. £5
Report Section Manager Configure which sections show in the Report Builder for each Report Type and create your own custom non-wizard sections for use in your reports. £25
Bundle of five additional Reader Users Make sure all your advisers are added to your account so clients and reports can be saved to the appropriate adviser’s client library, and their name, signature and headshot image is automatically inserted in the correct places throughout the report. £10

Which plan is right for my company?

Solo Plan

Designed for companies with just the one report writer who needs to produce personalised, reader-friendly and compliant reports for themselves and / or the company's advisers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Company Plan

Designed for companies with multiple advisers and paraplanners that want to work more efficiently as a team, and centrally manage and share content to ensure greater consistency and save everyone ‘reinventing the wheel'.

Group Plan

Designed for consolidators or networks that want to ensure greater consistency throughout their member companies to help improve compliance outcomes and streamline report checking. It provides a parent / child hierarchy of linked accounts that allows the group account to cascade down their branding and custom content to all linked accounts.

What is the difference between a Writer and Reader user?

To ensure maximum efficiency and productivity, everyone in your company who is using Genovo to write reports for themselves or others; or is having reports written for them should be added as a user to your account.

A Writer User can log in to Genovo and write reports for themselves and / or other users within their account. A paraplanner or adviser who gets involved in writing reports should be added as a Writer User.

A Reader User cannot log in to Genovo, or use Genovo to write reports, but they can have reports written for them by a Writer User. An adviser who has all their reports written for them by a paraplanner should be added as a Reader User.

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Taylor Beavis

I have been using Genovo for a while now to produce compliant reports, both for new business and annual reviews, and I have found it to be a real game-changer for my business. It’s easy to use and customise, and the reports produced show my advice clearly and in plain English. It also provides me with the structure I need to ensure that each report contains the essential elements required by compliance. What’s more the support team are also very knowledgeable and friendly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Genovo to others.

Taylor Beavis MLIBF DipFA PETR
Director at Universe Financial Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 day free trial work?

You can sign up and access all the features of the selected plan and pay nothing for the first 30 days of your subscription. There’s no risk, no obligation and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days you will not be charged.

Do I have to provide any payment details on sign-up?

Yes, you will be asked to enter details of a debit or credit card to secure your trial and set up your account as part of the sign-up process, but nothing will be charged to this card until the end of your 30 day free trial. It is also possible to change payment methods before then (see below).

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. However, once you've signed up you can switch payment method to direct debit if you'd prefer.

The first payment will be automatically collected 30 days after you sign up and you will be billed monthly thereafter unless you cancel your account. We will email you a VAT receipt each time we take payment.

Can I change plan?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. During your 30 day free trial you can change plans without incurring an immediate charge. However, assuming you do not cancel beforehand, you will be billed at the monthly cost of the new plan you have selected at the end of the 30 day free trial.

After the 30 day free trial has elapsed any charge due on upgrade or downgrade will be automatically prorated to reflect your change of subscription and you will be billed / credited accordingly.

Can I just add an extra user or two?

Yes. It is possible to add extra Writer Users or a bundle of five Reader Users to your Plan for the additional monthly costs highlighted above. Please contact us as we will need to action this for you.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We don’t believe in long term contracts. You can cancel your account during your 30 day free trial or at any time thereafter. However, we cannot issue refunds for partial months.

What is the consultancy service?

This is a premium service typically involving custom development or configuration work. As part of this service, we will work with you to further customise your Genovo account to reflect your company’s advice service and processes.

Where required, we would undertake a full requirements gathering exercise, and provide you with a summary of the scope of work involved and the expected timescales to realise your requirements. This service is charged on a time and materials basis.

Still not sure what plan is right for you?