Genovo Features

Packed full of features designed to save you time, keep you compliant and enhance your brand.

Leading edge technology

Custom-built technology, built from the ground-up using our pioneering second generation workflow and document generator platform.

Progressive web app (PWA)

A cloud-based solution ensuring seamless 24/7 access without the necessity for local installation. PWAs combine the best features of both web and mobile applications, offering users a fast, responsive, secure and automatically updating application, which can be accessed from any web browser.

Proprietary technology

Genovo has been custom built from the ground up using our own pioneering second generation workflow and document generator platform. We have made a substantial investment in Research & Development to create a future-proof and highly customisable application, which can adapt to the changing needs of our users as well as the ever-evolving regulatory landscape of our industry.

In 2024, we completed a two-year project to fully re-architect the technology that underpins Genovo to ensure we can continue to provide our users with a highly performant, scalable and secure platform. This ensures that Genovo can remain the suitability report writing software of choice for financial planners and paraplanners for many more years to come.

Microsoft partner

We are approved members of the Microsoft Partner Network which provides us with access to cutting-edge technology, exclusive training and certifications from Microsoft and priority support. Genovo is proud to be built around state-of-the-art architecture and leading Microsoft technologies on top of leading Microsoft Cloud infrastructure to ensure security, scalability, reliability and redundancy.

Leading edge technology

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