Join Beta Testing and Get a Years Free Subscription to The Genovo Suitability Report Software

Join Beta Testing and Get a Years Free Subscription to The Genovo Suitability Report Software

Ed Evans

Beta testing we need you We’re looking for a broad range of financial planners and paraplanners to beta-test the Genovo suitability report software. All beta-testers will receive a year’s free subscription, as well as the opportunity to influence the final product and become an early adopter of the latest developments in collaborative working and online document generation. Genovo is the brainchild of Ed Evans, who co-founded Paraplanning Online. He is joined by former colleagues Patrick Boughton and Edward Bedell, who together with Alan Crump complete the team of passionate and forward-thinking developers, ecommerce and financial service professionals. Ed Evans says “Recommended best practice for suitability reports has evolved significantly in recent years. The regulator now places a much greater emphasis on the need for clear, concise, jargon-free language and personalised content – thankfully the days of putting everything and the kitchen sink into a report are gone. One of Genovo’s strengths is in avoiding bulky generic paragraphs and impersonal, repetitive wording.” Genovo is a truly scalable solution designed for companies of all sizes, from individual advisers and paraplanners to multi-adviser companies and multi-company networks and service providers. It is also fully customisable – Users can change the look and feel of their user interface as well as personalise their workspace and report template to reflect their company’s branding, advice preferences and regulatory status. Interested financial planners and paraplanners can sign up to become a beta-tester here. Genovo Join Beta Testing

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