Genovo Updates and Enhancements

Genovo Updates and Enhancements

Team Genovo

Here’s a summary of the updates and enhancements we’ve applied to the Genovo suitability report app.


FeatureModuleUpdate / Enhancement
Report StylesReport Theme
Learn more about report themes here.
You can now add a bottom border to any of the heading styles and change the alignment of any text in your reports. Click here to see how your report could look.
Appendix Page Header TextReport ThemeThis is now a separate style.
ProvidersProvider LibraryWe've reviewed and updated all of the provider descriptions, and added the following providers:
Alliance Trust Savings
Close Brothers Asset Management
Octopus Investments
Primetime Retirement
Time Investments
Vitality Life

Attitude to Risk ProfilesATR ProfilesWe've added the Caerus and eValue ATR profiles and updated the Dynamic Planner descriptions. If there's any others you'd like us to add, drop us a message.
Add / Edit Client DetailsClient Library
Write / View Report
We've added a new field:
Monthly Gross Income (£)
Add / Edit Client DetailsClient Library
Write / View Report
This table is now "intelligent". If no information is included within a field, that field wont be included within the report.
Snippet EditorReport Content ManagerWe've fixed a bug which prevented coloured text being displayed correctly in the snippet view.
Spell Checker & Proofing LanguageWord ReportThe inbuilt spell checker within Word will be automatically activated when you download your report, and the proofing language is now set to English (UK).
Report BuilderAppendix - Attitude to Risk ProfilesIf the Investment Strategy section isn't included within the Report Builder, the Summary of ATR Profiles section will be automatically taken out of your report.
Sample ReportsWrite / view reportsWe've updated the sample reports. Learn how to refresh the sample reports within your account.
Header & Footer TextDownloaded ReportWe've reduced the font size.


Section(s)Step(s)Update / Enhancement
IntroductionKnowledge & ExperienceWe appreciate you may not want to include this in all of your reports so we've added the option "Do not include any reference to knowledge & experience in this report."
Review of Existing InvestmentsPlan SummaryWe've added the following product types:
Business Property Relief IHT Scheme
Review of Existing InvestmentsRecommended ActionWe've added some new recommended actions:
Unit class conversion
Partially encash
Partially encash and reinvest
Bed and ISA
Draw an income
Review of Existing Pensions
Review of Existing Retirement Income Plans
Recommended ActionWe've added a new recommended action:
Unit class conversion
Review of Existing Investments
Review of Existing Pensions
Review of Existing Retirement Income Plans
Pension Benefits Recommendation
DisadvantagesWe've added some new advice reasons.
Review of Existing Investments
Review of Existing Pensions
Review of Existing Retirement Income Plans
Reduction in YieldWe understand that not everyone wants to include a RIY comparison in their reports therefore we've made this step "intelligent". Simply skip this step and no reference to RIY will be included in your report. To see how to include a comparison of projected fund values within your reports click here.
Investment RecommendationPlan SummaryWe've added the following product types:
Business Property Relief IHT Scheme

Thanks to Natalie & Deborah @ HJP IFA and Sarah @ ProParaPlan for their input on this.
Investment StrategyAttitude to RiskWe've made some significant enhancements to this step. You can now:
1. Add multiple ATR records for a client.
2. Select different ATR profiles for different objectives / areas of advice.
3. Select which set of ATR profiles to use on a report-by-report basis.
You'll find more info here.
Investment StrategyWhy Investment StrategyWe've added some advice reasons for use with BPR IHT Schemes

Report Template Text

SectionSnippetUpdate / Enhancement
Pension Benefits RecommendationExpression of WishThis is a new snippet.
Risk WarningsPension Rec.s
We've updated these snippets.
Risk WarningsUnit Class Conversion
BPR IHT Scheme
These are new snippets.
Appendix - Product InformationBPR IHT SchemeThis is a new snippet.

Please remember the changes we make to the report template will only take effect in your reports automatically if the Genovo version of the snippet is selected as active in your Report Content Manager (it is by default).  For more information about the Report Content Manager and updating of snippets check out our knowledge base.

Let us know what you think

If you’ve got any suggestions – no matter how big or small – as to how we can improve Genovo or there’s a new feature you’d like to see added, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message with your thoughts and we promise we’ll get back to you.

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