Word Tips 1 – Tweaking suitability reports in Word

Word Tips 1 – Tweaking suitability reports in Word

Ed Evans

We’ve spent a great deal of time ensuring that the suitability reports Genovo produce are as close to being as ready-to-go as possible, but advisers and/or their admin staff still tend to want to make the odd alteration to them once they’re been downloaded to Microsoft Word.

Word is probably the most popular and easy-to-use word processor out there, but most users barely even scratch the surface when it comes to its capabilities.

I will be posting a number of blogs over the coming weeks detailing some of the useful features that could help you work on your suitability reports or any other Word document for that matter!

These first few tips are answers to some of questions that we get asked on our support desk with regards to ‘topping and tailing’ suitability reports once they’ve been downloaded from Genovo.

Updating the table of contents

Probably the most common question we get asked about using Word is ‘how do I update the table of contents if I’ve added or removed a page?’ You would perhaps think this would happen automatically, but it doesn’t. However, all you need to do once you have finished any alterations is right click on the table of contents, select update field, then click update page numbers only and click OK. You can see more information about this in our knowledge base.

Selecting, copying and pasting text

There are a number of keyboard short-cuts and mouse tricks you can use to make selecting, copying and pasting words, paragraphs or even the whole document.

  • Double left-click your mouse on a word to select the whole word.
  • Triple left-click on a paragraph to select the whole paragraph.
  • Press Ctrl on your keyboard and left-click your mouse to select the whole sentence.
  • Press Ctrl and ‘c’ to copy and Ctrl and ‘v’ to paste.

Copying the format of another paragraph

When you download a suitability report from Genovo, the format of the text will be in-line with your selected report theme. If you subsequently copy and paste some text from another document into the report, that text will be in the format belonging to the source document.

To update the format of the text that you have pasted in, you can use Word’s Format Painter tool. Start by highlighting a paragraph above or below the the text you have pasted in, then click on the Format Painter tool (usually in the top left hand corner of the screen under Cut and Copy), then highlight the text you have pasted in and it will change to the theme format.

There will be more hints and tips on the way, but if you have any question or suggestions, please comment!

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