Introducing our new Summary of Section Snippets Matrix

Introducing our new Summary of Section Snippets Matrix

Richard Lent

As you will already know, Genovo is the most customisable suitability report writing solution available on the market today, and that’s why there’s a section in our Knowledge Base dedicated to this topic. To further enhance your understanding of how to customise the content of your reports, we’ve created another handy little support resource, the Summary of Section Snippets Matrix, and I just wanted to take a minute to explain what it is and how you can use it.

Report Content Manager

My way of a quick recap, any changes you want to make to the boilerplate content of your reports can be done via the Report Content Manager. In the first instance you’ll be prompted to select the report type, and then the section containing the content you wish to customise.

Each section is broken down into a number of bite size chunks of text called snippets.

Some snippets within a section will only come out in a particular report type, but others may be shared by a number of different report types; and because this is not always immediately obvious from just looking at the snippet in the Report Content Manager, this was one of the main reasons why we decided to create the Summary of of Section Snippets Matrix. So let me explain further….

Summary of Section Snippets Matrix

The screenshot below is taken from the new matrix – the matrix itself will feel very familiar if you’ve ever used one of our other matrices. It shows a break down of all of the snippets that make up the Covering Letter section. As each of Genovo’s 6 report types has its own covering letter, each report type has it’s own covering letter snippet; and thus any changes made to a particular snippet will only affect the report type to which it is linked.

Shared snippets

However, the screenshot below, also from the new matrix, shows all of the snippets that make up the Introduction Section. You can see that whilst each report type has its own Title & Opening snippet, the ‘vulnerable client’ snippets are shared by all report types. Therefore any changes you make to the content of these snippets will also impact all of the other report types.

Conditional snippets

It’s also worth noting that certain snippets are fixed and included every time the section is included in a report. However, other snippets are conditional and are triggered by actions taken, or selections made by the user when building a particular report e.g. a certain recommended action or a particular product type. To assist your understanding as to when a particular snippet will be included (or not as the case may be), the matrix also highlights any additional condition(s) that need to be met for that particular snippet to be triggered.

I hope you find the new Summary of Section Snippets Matrix useful. You’ll find links to it in the Report Content Manager, the Report Builder and the Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch or submit a support ticket and we’ll get straight back to you.

Further Reading

You’ll find lots of useful information about everything I’ve covered in this blog in our Knowledge Base or by clicking on the link below.

Video Tutorial: How to customise your report template using the Report Content Manager

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Written by Richard Lent

Richard has worked in financial services for 20 years. Initially working in compliance, Richard later became an IFA. He is diploma qualified and has completed J04, J05 and AF3 qualifications, and continues to study towards chartered status. Richard also headed up the paraplanning function for a large directly authorised IFA firm, where he introduced Genovo as their report writing software of choice. It is this rounded knowledge of the financial services advice process and industry that makes him a valuable member of Team Genovo. Outside of work Richard enjoys walking in the Shropshire countryside with friends and recently took on the National Three Peaks Challenge. The rest of his spare time is spent with his young children.

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