How can I manage existing report sections or add custom sections in Genovo?

How can I manage existing report sections or add custom sections in Genovo?

Nigel Ogram

Genovo v2 was released six weeks ago and introduces many improvements and some key new functionality. After a brief sabbatical from User Tip Blogs while we launched Genovo v2, we’re now back with a long list of exciting new topics to explore.

Our first v2 blog deals with a brand-new piece of functionality – the Report Section Manager. This is automatically included at no extra cost for Company Midi plans and above. For Solo, Company Starter and Company Mini plans, it can be purchased as a bolt-on extra for just £25 per month. If you don’t have the Report Section Manager and would like to include it, send us a support ticket and we’ll get it sorted for you.

So what does Report Section Manager do?

The clue is in the name – it allows Account Owners or Account Admins to:

  • Configure which sections show in the Report Builder for the different Report Types; and

  • Create your own custom non-wizard sections for use in your reports and control how they are included in reports:

OK, but why is it useful?

It has always been possible for users to customise the entire boilerplate content of Genovo reports and templates, using the Report Content Manager. However, over the years, we’ve been asked many times for the facility to create your own custom sections. As well as allowing you to manage the standard Genovo report sections, the Report Section Manager allows you to create entirely independent custom report sections. This allows you to build and manage your firm’s custom content much more easily and make it more intuitive for users to include your custom content in their reports. You might use this new functionality to:

  • Hide sections that you and your users never use (for example the Mortgage Recommendation section if you never arrange mortgages).
  • Build additional ‘core’ sections that always appear in your reports, for example a ‘Value Statement’ to assist with Consumer Duty.
  • Add optional sections that your users can select for certain advice scenarios, such as details of your unique centralised retirement proposition.

Quite simply, with this new feature, almost anything is possible – an opportunity to really make Genovo your own!

The Genovo Knowledge Base

As part of the Genovo v2 release, the entire Genovo Knowledge Base has been reviewed and more than 90% of it has been re-written. This and future User Tip Blogs will reference the Knowledge Base much more, as it’s the go-to resource for anything and everything you need to know about any aspect of Genovo.

So – we now have an entire Knowledge Base section dedicated to Report Section Manager, which includes a really useful and informative video tutorial. These half-dozen articles will tell you everything you need to know about how to use Report Section Manager to allow you and your users to build truly unique content in your suitability reports to reflect your firm’s service.

In particular, there’s a Knowledge base article that explains how to configure which sections show in the Report Builder and another that covers how to create your own custom section.

Nigel’s knowledge

As one of the Knowledge Base articles about the new Report Section Manager shows, it works in parallel with some new functionality within Report Content Manager. I’ll be writing about this in a future User Tip Blog, but if you can’t wait, you can read the Knowledge Base article here.

Further reading

You’ll find loads more really useful information in:

Of course, if you’re still stuck, or just need a helping hand, you can always submit a support ticket and we’ll get straight back to you.

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Written by Nigel Ogram

Nigel has worked in financial services in one form or another for over 35 years. After a few years as an adviser, he started his paraplanning career in 1997 and quickly found an affinity for building and establishing systems and processes designed to drive efficiencies. While paraplanning, Nigel also developed and marketed an Excel-based factfind / needs analysis system, which opened up a new path working with financial services software. This continued with roles at Synaptic Systems, where in addition to being the in-house subject-matter expert on the core applications, Nigel developed a passion for helping advisers and their teams integrate software effectively and profitably within their businesses. Outside of work, Nigel is a confirmed “petrolhead” with a strong interest in motorsport, which he often combines with his second hobby – photography, which he shares with his two sons.

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